Welcome to the Black Bear Dojo website. Our dojo is the premier training center for authentic, classical and modern martial arts in the southeastern Connecticut and southern Rhode Island area. Much of what we have to offer can be found nowhere else in this region, making our dojo unique among all others here in southern New England. The arts that we practice have been transmitted to our instructors directly from some of the most accomplished martial artists of Okinawa and the US. Committed to the correct practice and transmission of our arts, our instructors continue to receive direct instruction from our teacher and maintain direct ties with the organizations that we represent, all of which are recognized in Japan and Okinawa.
No other dojo in the area can offer the range of training choices at the level of commitment, experience, skill and depth of understanding that our instructors bring to the mat. Significantly, we are one of the very few dojo in southern New England to remain true to the heritage, intent and proper transmission of the authentic martial arts of Okinawa. As such, we are truly a superior alternative to the all too prevalent, contract-based so-called martial arts “studios” that actually debase and undermine the core values of the martial arts. Our dojo faithfully represents something higher, deeper and far more meaningful than what is offered at the typical “karate studio”. We practice and offer access to invaluable traditions that cultivate the way of the true warrior heart: a victorious life of fearlessness, respect, dignity and compassion. These are attributes that can provide one with the personal power to face these most challenging of times with courage and the resolute will to overcome all obstacles that one may face.

While the traditions that we study and teach certainly offer ways of realizing such important, but perhaps seemingly lofty, goals, training in our dojo also affords one benefits that may be more immediately realized, including weight loss, health and wellness, whole body fitness, stress relief, focus and confidence.  Along the way, our students are properly exposed to and develop skill in time-tested, proven methods of self-defense and life protection. Each of these important benefits makes training in any of the arts or programs at our dojo an invaluable investment for both families and individuals.

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829 Stonington Rd. Stonington, CT 06378
(860) 574 4788
Building community through authentic martial arts