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829 Stonington Rd. Stonington, CT 06378
(860) 574-4788
Please include: your name, the classes you are interested in and a way for us to reach you. One of our staff members will promptly reply to your inquiry. Press 'Submit' to e-mail us.
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 How to get signed up classes.

        Getting Started:
Some people like to watch a class before joining, others like to try one. Kids and adults are welcome to try a FREE class to see if they will like it or not. We don't have contracts that force or lock you into a " program". We are a traditional dojo that is accessible to anyone that wants to train.
We are the East Coast Training Headquarters for Reihokan Shorin-Ryu and is our duty is to provide the very best training experience for anyone interested, not to make a profit. The BEST way to reach us is through email at blackbearkarate@gmail.com or web site submission. We can be reached by telephone most times by dialing 860-865-0485. If you contact us we can give you the correct information so you are able to view or participate in the class that is right for you. Registration for all new members takes about 1 hour so please plan accordingly.

Shorin-Ryu Karate.
Ages: Tigers 4 - 5 Years - Lions 5-7 Years - Storm 7-9 Years - Dream 9- 13 Years - Adults 13 and up.

A FREE Introductory Class is available to all new prospects. It's simple, if your are interested in what we do you are welcome to give us a try to make sure we will be a good fit for your goals. Monthly Tuition is due by the tenth day of each month. There is a $20.00 charge for late payments.

Tuition is required regardless of attendance in order to maintain membership with the Rehiokan and Black Bear Dojo 

There is a $25.00 charge for all checks returned by the bank. Members using Auto Pay (electronic draft payments) receive discounted tuition.

Tuition for Unlimited Access for All Classes

                                                                                    Standard      3month option        6 month option        1 year option                                                                  
Individual / General  Members                                     $130                   $330                     $660                      $1300               
2 Family Members                                                       $220                   $660                    $1320                      $2200        
3 Family Members                                                       $250                   $750                    $1500                      $2500                                                                         

All additional family members are  FREE

Black Bear Dojo will never deny anyone that wants to train. We will work out a reasonable arrangement to satisfy tuition.
Please contact Spear Sensei for additional information.

        Required for Class:
1) Uniform ($60.00) is purchased in our pro-shop at registration.

2) Annual Membership - annual membership fee is due upon registration and is collected each March. If there is an attendance lapse for 60 days, the annual membership fee must be paid in order to re-enroll, even if re-enrollment occurs within the same year. The annual membership fee is $25 per student.

         Other costs:
Everyone would like to know the bottom line about costs. None of our instructors depend on teaching karate as their livelihood so we try to to keep costs at a minimum. With the student in mind, we stagger equipment/uniform requirements over time. The following are costs that are for students only if they have successfully reached certain ranks:

1) Sparring equipment-Required only when promoted to Gold belt. The price of sparring safety equipment varies. Our dojo volunteers will help you find the most economical equipment that still offers the best possible safety. This safety equipment is mandatory.

2) International patch and dojo patches are required only when grading to Gold belt. The international patch set is $20 and our dojo patch is $10. Totaling $30.00

Testing -This is only on a case by case basis and students are nominated for testing only when they have demonstrated a high proficiency of the requirements for the next rank. This has nothing to do with how many classes they have attended or how long they have been their current rank. Rank in our dojo is earned and not paid for. The testing fee is $50 for Kyu grading opportunities. We only have testing three times a year.

        If you are checking other schools, look into these things:
1)     Ask if you will have to sign a contract. Try to figure out how in the world this is to your advantage. 
2)     Ask if the school has a black belt club or masters club. Rest assured that you will be pressured to sign up and pay for the          opportunity  to be part these " clubs", and buy the special uniform and equipment required. In the martial arts there are no         guarantees that someone will get a black belt. These programs promise you a black belt, for a price, and not necessarily because         you have earned the belt-it is because our pay for it through their “program”.
3)     Many schools will test you for rank or stripes every ten or more classes for an additional fee. Martial arts are based on 100%         proficiency of the requirements. With this sort of testing schedule, someone would receive a black belt in a year and a half. Even to         someone who has had no martial arts experience, do you think that someone can truly be a black belt in this amount of time?
4)     In Okinawa and most of the Orient, the minimum age for black belt is 14-16 years old. If you see a school that has black belts who         are in elementary school, you should question why this rank is given to children. If the birthplace of the martial arts requires a         minimum age requirement for such a high rank, why would a school in the US give it to an 8 year old? 
5)     Some schools will want you to buy a different color uniform when you get promoted (factor this in also).
6)     Ask what type of personal equipment you will need to buy. Some equipment is required for any martial arts school.
7)      Many schools will not provide you with prices of classes and test fees over the phone and will pressure you into making an                  appointment with a salesperson. This will be under the guise of serving you by placing you into the right program. When you look at          the schedule you will see that everyone joins same classes- there is no “right program”, just different payment plans.
 At our dojo, we keep it simple. Our personalized instruction, excellent facility, authentic martial arts and noncompetitive atmosphere make us confident in what we have to offer you. We feel that the best way to serve you is by letting you see whatever you want so that you can make an informed decision. No pressure, just straight  forward answers.