These testimonials have been submitted by Black Bear Traditional Martial Arts Center students, parents and families. Read on to hear what they have to say...

"Where do I begin! Our experience at Black Bear Dojo has been such a positive and rewarding one. We have felt like family from the first day we walked in. Everyone is so friendly and kind. I feel Elizabeth has grown stronger since she has started karate.  I also feel the instructors treat each and every child with the respect they deserve. Thank you so much!"
~ The Johnsons - RI

"My kids are completely enjoying their Black Bear experience. The instructors and staff make everyone feel comfortable and welcome and make learning fun."

"I studied karate as a teen back in the eighties and early nineties and after a long break, I decided to start practicing the martial arts again. When I found Black Bear Traditional Martial Arts Dojo, I knew I had found the right school to continue my study of karate. The teachers are patient, professional and dedicated and this creates great environment for exercise, activity and learning. I have been studying Shorin Ryu Reihokan karate at Black Bear Martial Arts for over a year now and I can't say enough good things about it."

~ Larry St. Pierre, Owner - St. Pierre Photography Studio, Mystic, CT

"The dojo has been a great environment for our 16 year old son. His focus, concentration and physical fitness have all improved over the last year of his participation. His maturity has also improved both at the dojo and at school."

"There's only one word which comes to mind in regards to Black Bear Dojo, considering all the Sensei's talent and abilities in the training of the young students of karate and knowing that my granddaughter's talent and abilities are well rewarded. That word is magnificent."
~ J. Dietrich - CT

"We have been with Black Bear since its opening. I have three children who attend Black Bear and everyone enjoys it and is doing well! My daughter, Raina, is testing for her Jundan (2nd Degree). Her brother, Noah, is now a green belt & Shane is a brown belt. Both the boys were always the ones to quit and join, quit and join in their previous karate school, but with the encouragement and dedication of Sensei Mark Spear, they are sticking with it and coming along good. I would strongly encourage parents, if you are looking at enrolling your children in martial arts, to come and check out Black Bear Karate! You won't regret it. It is, in my opinion, the best martial arts school in the eniter area, with the best instructors a child could have. It is also the most reasonable and doesn't use contracts; that in itself says a lot. If your child doesn't like it, you are not forced to pay for a year of nothing, but I think if they try it here at Black Bear, they will love it!"
~ C. Haase - RI 

"This community has a very unique resource that sets us apart from others. The Black Bear Traditional Martial Arts Center on Rt. 1 in Stonington provides the residents of this area with a variety of martial arts from around the world, taught by expert instructors. While some communities have access to various martial arts, Stonington has them in a spacious single location. The Instructors are top notch and very experienced. The various classes offered throughout the week give residents a valuable place to learn some special skills and get in shape. The Children's and Teen Programs are designed to accommodate the specific needs of the students at each age level. Thank you for providing such a great program!"
~ R. Heylmun - CT

"One of the things I like best about about Black Bear Dojo is the sense of family. Parents and students both participate in dojo picnics and pot lucks; merit badges often include parent participation,, and students are encouraged to help one another. Being a part of the dojo family has been great for all of us!"

"My grandson, Austin, eats and sleeps karate, so I pretty much do the same! Karate is a huge, great influence on him. The people here are some of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. The instructors are thorough, patient and considerate."
~ A. Martin - RI

“We discovered BBTMAC through a karate class offered through Human Services at the local elementary school.  We were so pleased to find that beyond that 4 week experience was a family-owned, highly professional, and warm and welcoming karate studio.  Our daughter has found confidence and pride through her classes, and her smile as we leave each class speaks for itself.  Very reasonably priced with no contracts, comfortable and inclusive and a place “where everybody knows your name”, we highly recommend visiting Black Bear to see for yourself.  The Spear family, staff and students are all terrific.”
~ The Vickerman Family

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