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Peter Yee
Shihan Dai - Karate

My training in the Martial Arts began when I was 7 years old. My father had setup training for me with a Kung Fu master who had just come to the USA from China. I trained daily in a closed Chinese restaurant in North Providence. I at the time being too young to realize the true value of what I was doing had under appreciated it.  This lasted a few years but the venture closed as my Sifu would return to China and pass away. In my teens I trained in various Dojo and wasn’t happy with what was taught. 
I took a break until my early twenties. A friend and co-worker James Kodzis, introduced me to Shorin-Ryu. I enjoyed it and noticed that it had its similarities to the Shaolin style I had trained before. I was then introduced to the Southern RI Karate scene and made my way around to several Dojo, until I formally started training at Ichiban Karate in Wakefield, RI. I trained for several years until my father's passing which forced me to assume additional family responsibility and could no longer train.
Several years later, I became active in law enforcement and attended different academies from different agencies. During my career, I was trained in and taught various forms fighting such as Western Boxing, Close Quarters Combat, Aikido and others. I was also fortunate to train with various high profile agencies in SRT, SWAT and Less Lethal. I have also trained with the USN Newport and also US ARMY Rangers with Firearms, Non-Lethal, Empty Hand Combat, Impact Weapons and Riot Control. During this time I resumed my Shorin-Ryu training.
Several years passed and my daughters began training. It was from there that my family and I have continued our training with Spear Sensei at BBTMAC. I have been training Muay Thai with the USMTA in Riverdale, NY with Ajarn Heyliger as my guide. I have also been training Chin Na and Shuia-Jaoi with the YMAA in Boston, MA.
Yee Sensei holds the following grades:
Sandan, Shihan Dai (3rd Dan) - Shorin-Ryu Reihokan Karate-do
Nidan (2nd Dan) - Karate-do (Dai Nippon Butoku Kai)
Kru (Instructor) - U.S. Muay Thai Association

829 Stonington Rd. Stonington, CT 06378
(860) 574 4788



All Instructor Photos by Larry St. Pierre of St. Pierre Photography - Mystic, CT
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