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Tigers Karate
Ages 4-5

In our Tigers class, we strive to teach skills through developmental activities based on the Okinawan martial arts. Instructors use drills designed to enhance motor skills and coordination. Tiger students participate in activities and games to promote self-discipline and sportsmanship, while being challenged appropriately. Emphasis is placed on effort and achievement. 
The primary focus of the Tigers program is to promote self-awareness, focus, safety, respect, and confidence. Our goal is to help these skills translate from on the mat to everyday activities and behaviors. This is achieved through a close student-parent-instructor relationship and small class sizes. Tigers students have the opportunity to learn with older students to further influence positive behaviors and motivation. 
829 Stonington Rd. Stonington, CT 06378
(860) 574 4788



All Class Photos by Larry St. Pierre of St. Pierre Photography - Mystic, CT
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