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All Instructor Photos by Larry St. Pierre of St. Pierre Photography - Mystic, CT
Kimberly Mossman-Yee
Senior Student - Reihokan Shorin-Ryu

I started my martial arts training much like the other instructors at BBTMAC with Okinawan Shoryn-Ryu roots. I studied under the direction of Gavitt Sensei. I immediately loved the style and was hooked when first introduced to it. Due to unfortunate events, I was involved in a motor vehicle accident and suffered serious bodily injury. These injuries forced me out of training in Karate and other physical activities as well. For many years, I regretted the fact that I was not able to continue in my martial arts training. Finally, about two years ago I was well enough to return to training. I joined Northeast Karate and trained in the Thai Kickboxing Program instructed by Lavender Sensei with the direction of Luzzi Sensei. I was a member of the Black Belt Club. I am a member of the United States Muay Thai Association and I am the kickboxing instructor here at BBTMAC. I am honored with additional insight and training under Spear Sensei. I look forward to passing along my learned techniques, knowledge and experience to current and future students of Muay Thai.  
Kimberly holds the following grades:
Sandan (3rd Dan) - Shorin-Ryu Reihokan Karate-do
Shodan (1st Dan) - Karate-do (Dai Nippon Butoku Kai)
Kru (Instructor) - U.S. Muay Thai Association
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